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Troop 75 is a growing group of more than 50 energetic, motivated boys ranging in age from 11 to 17. We are the original Boy Scout Troop sponsored by the Peachtree City United Methodist Church beginning in 1980. Troop 75 prides itself on being a ”boy-run, boy-led” troop. We develop leadership skills in boys with experienced Scouts acting as mentors younger Scout.  Experienced and dedicated adult leadership is always on hand to give guidance and assistance, when necessary.

Scoutmaster Minute

Posted on Mar 19 2018 - 3:58pm

 TROOP MEETING : Textiles Merit Badge with Jacob


Deadline was last Tuesday for 2nd / 3rd / 4th year Scouts - Summer Camp Merit Badge Selections


Mr Hampton will NOT be at Tuesday's Meeting to collect Summer Camp payments {this is the deadline for first payments - after this date you may be removed from Summer Camp Roster}  - PLEASE PROVIDE CHEQUES TO MRS EWEN



Anna Lussos has Camp
Cards available for Scouts to sell and fund their activities.



Summer Camp cost confirmed at $400 per scout (supervising adults $50 - we need 2 more adults to attend for the full week)  - - first payment is past due


Summer Camp Merit Badge selections are still open - see announcement and email for details




Wilderness First Aid Training training lasts 2 years and is required for Northern Tier in 2019 and Seabase 2018


Signup at this link:














Medicals are now complete for 27/28

Training and Dive Cards next 

Check your emails for important actions that you need to take

Travel arrangements are being made


NEED TO FIND CONTACT INFORMATION? - check the Troop Roster tab, this has everyones email and phone number









REMINDER: Cyber Chip MUST be completed prior to BOR for next rank. 



Adult Troop 75 t-shirts are available for $12 if you are interested. See Jensine Sutherland


Article on Annual Physicals - important for Summer Camp and High Adventure (Seabase & Northern Tier)

Posted on Mar 8 2018 - 11:03am

Summer camp season’s almost here, so it’s time for that annual physical

We’re mere months away from the summer, aka the Greatest Scouting Season. And while it’s too early to pack your bags and load the trailer, the time is right for one essential step in summer Scouting preparation.

It’s time to get your physical.

As noted on the Annual Health and Medial Record website, a pre-participation physical is needed for resident campers (at summer or winter camps) and for Scouts and adult leaders attending events that last 72 hours or more.

That means it’s required for every participant at Boy Scout summer camp, any of the four BSA high-adventure bases and the 2017 National Jamboree.

Why is an Annual Health and Medical Record required?

Since at least the 1930s, the BSA has required the use of standardized health and medical information. The Annual Health and Medical Record …

  • Promotes health awareness
  • Collects necessary data
  • Provides medical professionals with critical information needed to treat a patient in the event of an illness or injury
  • Supplies emergency contact information
  • Prepares participants for high-adventure activities and increased physical activity
  • Reviews participants’ readiness for gatherings like the national Scout jamboree and other specialized activities
  • Enables councils to operate day and resident camps in a way that adheres to state and BSA requirements
  • Standardizes medical records in a way that can be used by members in all 50 states

Which are the different parts of the Annual Health and Medical Record?

The Annual Health and Medical Record (AHMR) comes in three parts:

  • Part A is an informed consent, release agreement and authorization that needs to be signed by every participant (or a parent and/or legal guardian for all youth under 18).
  • Part B is general information and a health history.
  • Part C is your pre-participation physical certification completed by a certified and licensed physician.

Which part of the AHMR must I (or my Scout) complete?

  • For all Scouting events: Part A and B. Give the completed forms to your unit leader. This applies to all activities, day camps, local tours and weekend camping trips less than 72 hours.
  • For camp: Part A, B and C. A pre-participation physical is needed for resident, tour, or trek camps or for a Scouting event of more than 72 hours, such as Wood Badge and NYLT. The exam needs to be completed by a certified and licensed physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant. If your camp has provided you with any supplemental risk information, or if your plans include attending one of the four national high-adventure bases, share the venue’s risk advisory with your medical provider when you are having your physical exam.
  • For high-adventure trips: Part A, B and C. Plus, each of the four national high-adventure bases (Florida Sea Base, Northern Tier, Philmont and the Summit Bechtel Reserve) has provided a supplemental risk advisory that explains in greater detail some of the risks inherent in that program. Some Scouts arrive at a high-adventure base without discussing that base’s risk factors with their health care provider, meaning they have missing info at check-in that can slow down the process.

What is meant by “annual”?

Your AHMR is valid through the end of the 12th month after the date it was administered by your medical provider.

For example, if you got your physical on April 3, 2017, it’s valid until April 30, 2018.

Where can I find the proper, most up-to-date form?

Right here.


Posted on Mar 4 2018 - 7:54am

Please see Anna Lussos from 8pm at most troop meetings for camp cards transactions.   Cards are available to sell all through the month of March.  If you don’t have cards already stop by and collect some - $2.50 of the $5 from each card sold will be deposited into your scout account to use for scouting activities.  

Please also see me to drop off money already collected or to return cards left over when you are done selling - I always have other scouts that would like a chance to sell them.

Do you know about the prizes Scouts can earn by selling Camp Cards in addition to the commission?  See the chart below:




COPE & Climbing Weekend OR Boy Scout Shooting Weekend


Cub Scout Day Camp


Cub or Webelos Adventure Camp OR Camp Thunder Traditional Camp   OR Winter Camp OR Cub Scout Day Camp AND Spookoree (up to a family of 6)


$250 Gift Card


$350 Gift Card

1,000 CARDS

$500 Gift Card

This means if you are a Scout and you sell 75 Camp Cards, you can go to a Climbing or Shooting weekend for FREE PLUS receive 50% commission!  

Adult Volunteers Needed

Posted on Feb 25 2018 - 6:17pm

The following positions are open or will be opening up in the fall.  Please volunteer.  The more volunteers the troop has, the better our troop runs.  We have positions that you can do from home so no matter your situation, you can help.

Camp outing coordinator - you do not have to camp to do this.  This position calls and books campsites.  For a troop this size, we have to book 6 - 8 months ahead to schedule pioneer campsites.  If you have ever booked a vacation, you can do this position.  Please see Jensine Sutherland for details. sutherlandptc@gmail.com

Summer Camp Coordinator - this person does not have to attend summer camp.  It requires organization and computer work.  You need to gather all the summer camp scouts merit badge requests and enter them when sign-up opens.  This position requires organization and the ability to enter the merit badges on the woodruff website on a particular day so the boys get their requested merit badges.  If interested please contact Will Harper or Nigel.  

Sumer Camp 2018 Merit Badge Signups - does not involve Moose

Posted on Feb 20 2018 - 7:21am

Use this online form (link below) to select your preferences for Merit Badges


Once we know what you are interested in we will sign folks up for as much as we can


Use the comment field if there are other things we should know


Check the Woodruff Program Schedule (ATTACHED) when constructing your wish list

Remember that there are age / experience limits on some of the classes





Summer Camp - Woodruff SIGN UP NOW

Posted on Feb 1 2018 - 3:21pm

Camp Woodruff




You'll never forget your summer at Woodruff. With programs designed for maximum fun and achievement, Woodruff offers once-in-a-lifetime adventures for Scouts looking for a pure Scouting experience.

Your typical Woodruff morning is spent knocking out Merit Badge requirements at our class-leading waterfront, nature/STEM center, field sports, handicraft or shooting sports ranges. In the afternoon, Scouts and their Troops have the opportunity to take on adventure challenges like climbing & rappelling, whitewater rafting, mountain biking, mountain boarding, Ga-Ga ball, interpretive programs, and a variety of aquatic activities. Campfires, movie nights, Vespers, and spoof badge sessions fill the twilight hours before taps closes out another great day of camp.

Located in the North Georgia Mountains, Woodruff's natural environment gives you nearly unlimited opportunities for adventure. And our renowned first-year camper program and quality merit-badge instruction means that every Scout will have the time of his life.

Address and Directions Address: 10387 Boy Scout Road Blairsville, GA 30512


Woodruff Scout Camp is more than just Merit Badges. From High Adventure to activities you won't find anywhere else, Woodruff is filled with ways to make this your most fun summer ever.

In afternoon and evening periods, Scouts can take part in many activities with their Troop and friends.


Take on the 62-foot Woodruff tower wall or zipline through the mountain canopy. Do you have what it takes to climb the chimney? Learn leadership and teamwork as your Patrol or Troop goes through the C.O.P.E. program. Other activities include a bouldering wall and slack-line.

Shooting Sports

Take your best shot at archery, shotgun, and rifle shooting. Woodruff even offers specialty shooting programs like target Air-Soft and Field Archery. Unlike many other camps, Woodruff does not charge any additional fees for shooting sports. Click here for more info on Shooting Sports.


Cool off at the beautiful Woodruff waterfront. Swim, canoe, sail, kayak, paddle board, and much more. Scale the Iceberg or find out how high you can fly off the 40 foot Blob in the middle of the lake.

Mountain Biking

Woodruff has an established Mountain Bike Trail. Over 40 bikes are available for Troop or Patrol bike hikes during the afternoon and evening periods, riding under staff supervision.

Sports and Games

Field sports equipment is available to check-out during the afternoon and evening periods. Try out soccer, horse shoes, volleyball, softball, football, ga-ga ball, and much more.

Spoof Merit Badges

Back by popular demand, Woodruff will offer several “spoof” merit badge classes. You can never be sure just what badges will be offered and what the requirements to earn them might be. Past spoofs have been: Zombie Survival, Underwater Basketry, Duck-Tape, Citizenship in the Universe, Pirate Cultural Awareness, and Pet Rock Studies. 2 programs are anticipated this season, so be on the look out for more information.



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