12-18Fun Activity at Mastermind Games - See Walter's email about signing up
12-25Christmas Break - No Meeting
01-01Christmas Break - No Meeting
01-06PLC Meeting - Spring Leadership
01-12 -> 01-13Lodge/Bowling Outing
01-13Adopt a Mile
01-15Order of the Arrow Information Night
01-21Truck Transportation Merit Badge
01-29Scout Meeting - 1st Moose Meeting
02-09 -> 02-10Tellus Museum Outing
02-10Adopt a Mile
02-12Merit Badge Catch up
01-12 -> 01-13Lodge/Bowling Outing
30/35 scouts attending
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02-09 -> 02-10Tellus Museum Outing
25 people attending
03-09 -> 03-10Canoeing
4/35 scouts attending
04-13 -> 04-14Hiking/Trail Cook Outing
2/35 scouts attending
05-04 -> 05-05Shooting Weekend
2/35 scouts attending
06-09 -> 06-15Camp Woodruff Summer Camp
20/40 people attending

Welcome !

Troop 75 is a growing group of more than 50 energetic, motivated boys ranging in age from 11 to 17. We are the original Boy Scout Troop sponsored by the Peachtree City United Methodist Church beginning in 1980. Troop 75 prides itself on being a ”boy-run, boy-led” troop. We develop leadership skills in boys with experienced Scouts acting as mentors younger Scout.  Experienced and dedicated adult leadership is always on hand to give guidance and assistance, when necessary.

Court of Honor

Posted on Nov 26 2018 - 2:32pm

These are the food assignments for the COH on Tuesday night. It will start at 6:30.
Sharks-side dishes
Tigers-main dishes

Scoutmaster Minute

Posted on Nov 22 2018 - 5:06pm


Tuesday's Meeting: Court of Honour - look out for food assignments


Check out the interest survey for Philmont 2020






Adults;Youth Protection Training 2

42% of Adults need to complete YPT2

BSA has decided to update its YPT, and requires that all registered adults complete YPT 2, even if they have completed the old YPT in the last 24 months. YPT2) is due Oct 1st.

This training is comprised of 4 modules and is available online at  http://www.my.scouting.org/   

You will need to set up a profile for yourself on line and then work through each of the modules.

You can find your BSA ID number in "My Profile" on the troop website.

You will need to enable "cookies"

They do not need to be take at the same time, so you can spread it over a few days.

We suggest that when you complete each module you take a screenshot of the completion stage and store this image, just in case the BSA web technology has a glitch.


Register Interest for Philmont

Posted on Oct 18 2018 - 2:07pm

The purpose of this survey is to establish if you are interested in a Philmont Trek in 2020. We need this info to determine how many crews to apply for in the lottery. completing this survey does not commit you to attending and nor does it guarantee a spot on the crew (this comes later with a payment of a NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT)


Posted on Oct 18 2018 - 2:07pm

We have recognised that the online YPT is not the easiest to navigate

To try and assist we have set up a face to face training in the church.


1900 in Room A304 - Peachtree City United Methodist Church, 225 Robinson Rd, Peachtree City, GA 30269, USA


This is at the same time as the Scout meeting next week.

It IS NOT at the Scout Hut.

Please indicate below if you would like to participate using the link below






Remember that you need to have a valid YPT to recharter in 2019



Recipes Needed

Posted on Sep 17 2018 - 5:21pm

Calling all Troop Top Chefs!  Oct. 6th is the Fall Camporee.  The Troop will be participating in a cooking competition with the other troops.  Please bring any special great dutch oven recipes you have to Tuesdays meeting.  We will be suppling 2 dinners and 2 desserts.  You don't have to be going on the camp out to supply a recipe.  We are just looking for something to enter into the competiion.

REMINDER - Uniforms, Knives & Shoes

Posted on Aug 12 2018 - 10:42am


Boy Scouts is a Uniformed Organisation

Our uniform reminds us of our achievements and our history

Uniforms should be worn to Scout Activities

Uniforms are required for:

  • Scoutmaster Conferences
  • Boards of Review
  • Courts of Honour
  • Summer Camp (travel, dinner)
  • High Adventure (check in)
  • Attending a public meeting as a boy scout like Citizenship in Community
  • Uniforms are

In Troop 75 our uniform is:

  • Scout Shirt. Scout Pants or Shorts, Belt and Scout socks
  • Sash - required for Boards or Review / Conferences / Courts of Honour after you have earned Merit Badges (your Sash is a better place to keep your Merit Badges than in a drawer!)
  • Close Toed Footware - this is a safety issue

If you out grow shirts of pants - Troop 75 has a swap box, where you can exchange for a new uniform

The badges on our Scout Shirts are important and they should be present and they should be correct:

  • there should be the correct rank
  • there should be the correct leadership position - if you are no longer SPL then you should not wear the patch 
  • correct epaluettes - on Troop 75 activities there is no need to wear Camp Woodruff Staff epaluettes


Remember, no knives will be allowed at troop meetings unless knives are required for the meeting.  In addition, all safety rules must be followed pertaining to knife safety and the blood circle on outings as well.  No knives should be out unless used for a specific purpose. 



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